27 May 2015

Been busy

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks - not because of a lack of things to post about, but because I have been too busy. Many hours have been put in since my last update. This has been a period of further stripping down. New platform and battery risers are being made and preparation for them is being undertaken. The platform riser sits on top of the end of the chassis, connects to pillars at either side that run vertically, has the end of the lower saloon gangway on top of it and has brackets connected to the front face, which then go underneath the riser to support the platform. The battery riser connects to the platform riser at a ninety degree angle and connects to the rearmost part of the bus (at the bottom) and provides support for the battery compartment beneath the under stairs compartment (the buggy hole).

Lots of panels need to be removed to gain clear access to the risers. The batteries have been moved to a new temporary home on a wooden platform that I constructed, that wedges on the offside bench seat frame. This allows us to move the bus around (e.g. outside in the sun / daylight) whilst continuing to remove the battery compartment and other connecting pieces. Grab rails and edging has been taken off, along with some of the floor slats. I keep thinking of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" where he shrank as he got older until he completely shriveled away. The bus is looking a bit like that right now and there is even more to come off yet. It's like a dentist doing a filling - all the bad stuff has to come out and prep for adding new.

I also has a trip to Ensign this week. I obtained some Routemaster moquette (seat covering) and arranged with Ensign to swap it for RT moquette. This will be used for seat refurbishment as many had perished over the years, in particular those exposed to direct sunlight whilst the bus was stored in the same position outdoors. Whilst it was stored outdoors last year in my ownership, it was covered with a very large heavy duty tarpaulin, despite the fact that the damage was already done. When the cover was not on the bus, the seat bases and backs were removed and inverted and for some time they were also covered inside the bus. The trip to Ensign allowed for me to see the historic vehicles that they have there. I was in RT heaven!

Also at Ensign was RT3316's former stable mate, RT4599 (ST2001). This bus remains stored with no plans to restore it at the present time - vehicles that get restored at Ensign, do so because of their desirability when it comes to private hire work. Unfortunately that's the way it is when it's a business and whilst they'd love to just go ahead and restore all of them, some may take a considerable amount of time to get done and may end up not getting done at all, but act as a donor for spares for the others.

With the longer evenings and warmer weather, there is more opportunity to crack on with getting the bus restored. It's quite therapeutic but I do like some music to egg me on. Fortunately in a former lifetime I was a pucker DJ (innit?), so I have sorted myself out with some appropriate tunes. I like non-stop music that blends well and for this kind of thing I choose to listen to some upbeat classic tunes rather than banging house. The likes of Queen, Eric Clapton, Radiohead, Coldplay - you get the drift. I believe that I have found a way to share that with you so that you can also enjoy my mixes whilst doing what you do (for me right now it's prising panels off and pulling rusty screws out). The following link should direct you to my (RT3316's) One Drive, where you can listen to or download them. As it's Microsoft's Cloud it should be able to cope with everyone connected to it at the same time:

There are 6 mixes there that are about an hour and a half in length (each). That gives you about 9 hours of music to sing along badly to and if you need more than that, you need to get a life!
I hope you enjoy the music. I'll add some more at a later time when I get bored of this lot!

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