04 May 2015

I gotta wear shades

There's been lots going on this week; not all of it I can post as I don't want to jinx things. When those things happen (and they're quite significant), I will update the blog.

One big thing this week is that a new platform riser and new battery riser have been ordered. After a lot of research, e-mail conversations, messaging and phone calls, I have determined that the best way forward is to replace both of those and I got a supplier who had previously done this and was prepared to do it again. In fact, new technology has made it easier (and thus cheaper) to repeat. I am happy with the price - more in a month or so, when it will be due to arrive. There's lots to do in readiness - obviously the old ones need to come out (that will happen last), but before then, all the other stuff that obscures or sits upon these pieces has to come off. The old platform frame has gone (whilst it was no good, that didn't mean that it came off easily!) along with the stanchion (the bolt at the top is beneath the 'cuddle seat', (the seat at the back of the upper saloon). Handrails have been / are being removed. The seat frames from downstairs have now gone upstairs for storage purposes and the lower saloon is principally empty. We're working on the nearside ironwork and sorting out the issue with the pillars.

The cold starting issue appears to have been resolved. That would seem to have been user error. I will add that detail as a separate piece on the website and will link back here when it is done.

Once again she is looking worse. But I have the vision to see past this and crack on with the tasks at hand. I generally have a plan and agenda every time I go to the bus and when I get there it changes. It has to because new things arise that have a higher priority, perhaps because they are more important or typically because they have an impact on something else or a lead time / knock-on effect.

I've been surprised this week to find that I am able to source most things that I need from one place or another and not at inflated prices. The future is looking so bright, I gotta wear shades.

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