25 October 2015

Show us your front

Today was another one of those days where we had a plan to do something and got distracted with a 'we'll just do this first', which always leads to something else, which ends up turning into a big job. The 'we'll just do this first' was removing the d-shaped trim around the front of the bus, but what I turned into was removing the indicators, front can't rail sections, nearside and offside corner panels above the can't rail, d-shaped trim below the front upper deck windows, the front destination display windows and the trim under the canopy holding the canopy in place. Today's photo shows the final outcome, a good day's work.

According to reports and statistics, people following the progress of the restoration least like doing so on a Sunday. Well, that is when I am most likely to post an update after a long day of working on the bus. I'm sure if you all want to hear about it, you'll do so as and when you are ready but if you want to make sure you know when an update has been posted, just make sure you're following the Facebook page at https://facebook.com/rt3316page - that way you'll get a notification. If you 'Like' the page you will get notified when there is an update.

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