28 February 2016

End of phase

Winter has come and the temperature has dropped to a level that severely inhibits working on a bus in a barn in the middle of nowhere. Despite wrapping up with layers of clothing and burning our way through gas canisters to thaw our frozen extremities, work is slow. The air is cold, the tools are cold and the bus is cold. But we have managed to just about reach the end of a phase. The phase is the stripping of every part of the bus and performing assessment on every aspect. Some parts have received remediation and others have had theirs planned. The bus is currently a skeleton.

With the restriction on being able to perform restoration work, the working area has been tidied up and organised. Tools have their place, the workbench has been made fit for purpose, the new and refurbished stock has been correctly stored and the sustenance department duly stocked and arranged.

The next steps are to work our way through each section and make good what remains. New parts are awaited and they are required before further progression can be made.