12 September 2016

Stand back from the platform edge ...

I've been multi-tasking lately, with a new mini-project that I took on alongside everything else. I was able to get my hands on an electric wheelchair that my mother really needs right now. It needed a complete strip down and refurbishment; brackets were missing and it needed new batteries, various bolts replacing, rust treatment and general sprucing. However, in the space of a week I've managed to deliver a fully working, tidy second hand lifeline. Alongside that, I've spent many hours at the bus too. But not all of that time has been productive on the bus. I added stabilizing supports to my cherry picker and in doing so uncovered a problem with the jockey wheels being nearly flat. The trouble is that the valve on one of the twin wheels had disappeared inside the rim. I digress; it needed fixing and was time consuming. Last, but not least, the bus.

The platform edge is now complete. Ken completed the brackets from the stanchion and the outer shaped wood on the platform edge. Supported by a 3 x 1 rectangular steel bar with outward facing support brackets, the perfectly shaped treated ash far exceeds the strength of any other RT platform without compromising on size or shape. It's almost a work of art in its own right.

Today that piece of art was fitted. It was such a tight fit that bolts on adjacent parts had to be loosened to permit everything to slot into place. The outer shaped piece is connected by bolts that have a screw profile at one end that is driven into the ash. The platform itself is still yet to be made (using marine grade plywood) alone with a supporting piece at the foot of the stairs that connects to the battery riser, but here is an indication of what it will look like with the rubber matting.

That's a little bit more achieved 👍

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