17 April 2018

Here comes the sun

It’s been a long time coming, but the weather is changing (for the better in bus restoration terms). With the IOS Blogger app being ditched, updates to the restoration have been published on the bus Facebook page in the first instance, as it is more convenient (https://facebook.com/rt3316page) and copied to the blog as time permits. Personally I think they are very short-sighted; perhaps the commercials simply don’t add up and they feel that blogs are a thing of the past. I disagree, as I consider Social Media to be a topical delivery method as people generally don’t look at historical posts, so I will maintain the blog (http://blog.rt3316.com) as a record of the restoration (planned to be kept long term).

The last time I wrote, I was moving on from the offside bay 3 to the offside rear wheel arch, full of confidence that it would be a walk in the park. Yeah, well it was a walk through brambles and nettles if I’m to use that analogy. What a pig it has been. I had based my expectations on the pieces of wood that I prepared for the nearside wheel arch (but have not yet fitted). Just as I thought that I had it all right, I used a mallet to tap a tight fitting piece of wood into place and there was a cracking sound – the sound of a piece snapping off the end. These pieces of wood are curved sections, which are not easy to make (especially when you have the most useless bandsaw in the world). They result in a lot of wastage. After creating a new substitute, I then found that I wasn’t happy with another bit (or the gap at the end of it - I am extremely fussy), so that meant making a replacement for that too.

Once finally done, the whole lot had to be dismantled again for treating two sides, waiting until dry and then treating the remaining faces. It is a delight to assemble for the final time and my expectations for the nearside rear wheel arch have been realigned.

All of this is extremely time consuming. On Sunday I went along to the Spring Gathering at Brooklands but barely stayed for a couple of hours, heading straight to the bus to put in another seven hours of hard slog. The photos I took precede some tidying up, so that I can be organized for the next battle. I aim to increase the time and effort in order to make some advances and with milder weather and longer days, should hopefully catch up on the backlog caused by Winter. Check back soon for the next update.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. I added the eyes!


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