20 December 2019

Free stuff

Who doesn't like free stuff? And as it is the season of goodwill, here is some free stuff for everyone.

Fancy changing your ringtone or message alert to the sound of a good old London bus bell? Or RT engine starting up? Now you can have both.

Ding - "I want to get off at the next stop" or ding-ding - the conductor giving the starting signal. Plus starting the engine and having it idle. These sounds are gifted to you for the mighty sum of zero from www.rt3316.com/sounds

Recorded from RT3316 in 16-bit full stereo, trimmed and converted into the appropriate format for Apple, Samsung and Android. If you're still sporting a Nokia 8310, jog or hobble along as this is not for you. These are some fun sounds for RT aficionados, but be warned - setting the alarm on your phone to the sound of starting the RT engine should be reserved for the fallback alarm rather than the main alarm, unless you want to be woken up in panic mode!

Feel free to share with anyone and everyone. Merry Christmas to one and all!